Project themes: Project for a new company, sales outlets dedicated to the trade of hearing aids through a refined and welcoming concept, where people have the chance to feel at ease. Beware of refined and precious materials amplify this idea of hospitality and professionalism in all functional areas all dedicated “to the person”. The spaces provide soothing colors, furniture designed specifically for product exposure The private rooms are soundproof examination hearing, have the instrumentalist suitable, but they are not equivalent to medical centers.

Stage of processing: Conceptual design, Preliminary Design, Final Design, Detailed Design, Fixture Design, Lighting Design, Cost Estimates, Site Assistance, Furniture and Interior Decoration.
Project team: Sebastian Corso
Collaborators: Michela Alquati.
Contractor, Cremar Group.
Woodwork, Falegnameria Benintendi.
Lighting Design, PSCarchitetti.
Lighting Design Assistance, Tridonic.
Furniture, Quinti, Gaber, IVMoffice.
Safety plan, Studio Eng. Pisana.
Cadastre documentation, Oscar Ranzani.
Photo, PSCarchitetti.


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Plants and sections:

Project furniture:
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Design of single-brand points of sale on the national territory for istituto Audiometrico hearing aid and assistance centers.
The whole design process was driven by the idea of deafness being an extremely sensitive theme, particularly in relation to elder people.
Hospitality became the key concept the main idea has become one of the reception and placement of the headset as a fundamental element of the client presentation.
The headset is placed in a glass case becoming a central element and core of the project.
All items of furniture proposed for this project correspond to a total idea of ​​the project, designed directly from the studio.
Each store is designed as an easy reference, family, by soothing colors, with homogeneous finishes, to make him recognizable space almost like a home environment.
The fabrics and furnishings have followed the thread of comfort, to make people feel at ease, even those who, like the client / patient to these counseling centers, is already in a difficult situation.
Within each individual store is proposed a larger silent room than usually equipped to the acoustic centers. It is a space still cozy, although soundproofed, as it must be for audiometric measurements.
Every single furniture, chosen to be comfortable and recognizable, dialogues with the technical part of the environment, in a harmonious whole.
Iistituto Audiometrico project it can be classified as a global project, able to cover all phases of architectural design and its revival at different times and in different places.

S006Project DataTitle: Isitituto Audiometrico new format for hearing aid health centers
Client: Istituto Audiometrico s.r.l.
Date: Running from Jenuary 2018
Location: Italy
Dimensions: from 70 to 100 m2