Project themes:Creation of two independent and autonomous residential units, volumetric recovery of the artefact and its related constructions, internal spaces in direct connection with the external spaces via concentrated view points, multi-functional of internal spaces, independent external spaces with views over the surrounding landscape.

Stage of processing: Conceptual Design, Preliminary Design, Cost Estimates.
Project team: Sebastian Corso.
Collaborators: Emilio Boiardi.

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The architectural design was based on the recovery of an old farmhouse in the Crete Senesi countryside, in Asciano Municipality.
The particular location of the building structure, positioned on the top of a hill with a 360 degrees view over the surrounding hills, offered the possibility to create a communication between the internal living spaces and the landscape.
Since the client was asking for two independent residential units, the farmhouse was split into two equal parts whose ground floor was going to be used as living area whereas the upper floor would be destined to sleeping area. The original windows were employed as “telescopes”, pointing from the inside towards the external landscape.
“The face telescopes”, take their origin both from existing openings and from the addition of cantilevering structures covered with timber finishes and anchored to the external masonry of the building.
On the outside, private and completely independent zones were created. These include smaller building for leisure activities such as gyms and independent areas for guests.
A swimming pool for each residential unit is provided in the garden; the external finish is made out of concrete and recalls the past-times rain water tanks, also found in similar agricultural compounds of the Crete zone.

A006Project DataTitle: TGS Villa
Client: Private.
Date: Running from November 2012.
Location: Asciano, Italy.
Dimensions: 500 m2.