Project themes: Building restoration, merging internal spaces with the external garden, remodulation and functional development of the internal spaces, new internal spaces destined to service and living.

Stage of processing: Conceptual design, Preliminary Design, Final Design, Detailed Design, Fixture Design, Cost Estimates, Site Assistance, Furniture and Interior Decoration, Building Applications and Permissions, Safety Plans.
Project team: Sebastian Corso.
Collaborators: Juarez Corso.
Link:  Contractor, De.Ca. Costruzioni.
Woodwork, Falegnameria Franzoglio.
Electrical Works, Ma.Re. s.r.l.
Hydraulic Works, Luca Beltrami.
Safety plan, Studio Eng. Pisana.
Cadastre documentation, Maurizio Zanotta.

General plan:
lago pt generale
lago pt

The design aimed to the complete refurbishment of a holiday villa, built at the beginning of the 70s by the architect Clara Paterlini.
The property is located in an exclusive and natural environment, near a private beach in Pisenze, within the Rocca della Manerba Natural Park, in Brascia’s province.
The one storey building is surrounded by a 2500 m2 private garden, with centuries-old olive trees, still productive.
The project takes its origin from the idea of involving in the process the whole structure of the house. The built surface was extended by using the same original style of the building.
The project was conceived as a new distribution of the internal spaces, generated in order to satisfy the living standards of the client and his family.
The strategic line of the project, following the original plan development, consisted in extending the whole structure towards the external spaces, by focusing the attention on the new openings towards the garden and the internal transition areas.
The original plan of the home was not varied because this already had an “L” shape, with a conjunction angle between the two wings of 45°.
The position of the building, elevated in relation to the garden with a 360 degrees view on the property, favoured the design idea of opening the home towards the external spaces.
This allowed separating the spaces in so creating a living area and a sleeping area. Joining elements where provided by the kitchen and the large original chimney stair. This, made out of Verona ashlars and fir timber, remains the fulcrum of the home.
The original gable roof, with exposed slopes visible along the whole internal height, and the large glass openings, favoured the creation of internal airy, very modern and bright spaces.
The internal materials as well as the finishes and the walls, follow the original design of the villa. When inserting new elements, their chromatic and finish properties correspond to a contemporary interpretation of the original style of the building.
In the restoration project of the building, attention was also paid to the recovery and selection of the original furniture, always respecting in physical and stylistic terms the original design of the villa. Particular attention was also dedicated to the remodulation of the external areas, so as to create spaces in continuous solution with the rest of the building.
The external area with planting keeps the strong connotation provided by the old olive tree grove. Here, during the 90s, a swimming pool was inserted in perfect harmony with the environment.

A004Project DataTitle: PC Villa
Client: Private.
Date: Completed May 2011.
Location: Garda Lake, Manerba del Garda, Italy.
Dimensions: 320 m2.