Project themes: Product analysis, Mood Board, Product presentation guide lines, Set Design, Product presentation, Product exhibition, Design and setting of dedicated events, Consultant and Visual Merchandaising, Architect and Design Setting within the OttimoMassimogurmet sale point in Milan.

Stage of processing: Conceptual design, Detailed Design, 2D and 3D Rendering, Modelling Assistance, Props styling, Materials selection, Product preliminary costing, Assistance at fit out stage.
Project team: Sebastian Corso/PSCarchitetti & Michela Alquati/Domenica Design.
Collaborators: Emilio Boiardi, Sina Claus.

Visual mechandising analisis:
Visual mechandising analisis

Mood board:

Windows display:
072013pareti attrezzate_Page_1
072013pareti attrezzate_Page_4
072013pareti attrezzate_Page_3

OM windows display in Open corner:
11111913 open _Page_1
11111913 open _Page_2

Christmas windows:
Cristmas Window

Consultants and Visual Merchandaising, Architect and Design Setting within the OttimoMassimogurmet sale point in Milan.
Analysis, design of a coordinated image and product presentation for OttimoMassimogourmet food company. The study included an analysis of the potential development for the pilot branch located in via Spadari in Milan.
A rearrangement of the product image was proposed to potential clients who became more readily aware of the sold products’ quality. This objective was reached through two design stages:
The food exhibition guide lines were studied in parallel with the composition of the daily offer. Guidelines to be followed for the products exhibition and presentation, were also provided.
Design development of the products displays referring to OM, of diorams inspired to seasons and products, and of selected objects referring to OM brand.
The design aimed to give communication a commercial quality. This was possible by using the positive potentials associated to the products’ exhibition within the shop. Specific proposals were presented for the following areas: front street windows, internal windows, totem windows, spot and wall windows.
The project redefined the shop window spaces and the internal exhibition areas (adaptable to outdoors use). It included the proposal of product displays, decoration elements, diorams and props as well as the definition of a correct lighting system. This was studied for the OttimoMassimogourmet branch located between via Victor Hugo and via Spadari.
The points treated in the different communications include:
- Description of the origins of the products commercialised within the sale point.
- Preparation of products according to recipes form star-rated chefs, acknowledged at an international level.
- Price / quality ratio.
- Exhibition of OM products.
- Possibility to eat the OM product also outside the sale point, with a careful waiting service and thematic evening events.
This would take place allowing for seasonal time articulation, feast days, recurring events. Special events would be organised to promote single products and new gastronomic proposals.
Starting from November 2013 OttimoMassimogourmet opened a sale point in the multi-functional space called Openmilano. For this event a specific layout of the corner sale point was studied according to the guide lines produced for the concept of the shop.

V001Project DataTitle: OttimoMassimo fast gourmet
Client: Viaspadari s.r.l.
Date: since June 2013.
Location: Milan, Italy.
Dimensions: 150 m2.