Project themes: Conceiving a space dedicated to the sale of hearing devices and to deafness studies. The internal space is intended to be a welcoming environment, where potential clients can virtually feel at home. Each space is characterised by natural finishes, calm colours and ad hoc designed furniture and lighting. Those rooms dedicated to hearing tests are acoustically insulated and have available all the necessary equipment. However they cannot be assimilated to medical centres.

Stage of processing: Conceptual design, Preliminary Design, Final Design, Detailed Design, Fixture Design, Lighting Design, Cost Estimates, Site Assistance, Furniture and Interior Decoration, Building Applications and Permissions, Safety Plans.
Project team: Sebastian Corso
Collaborators: Alessandra Memoli up to December 2011, Emilio Boiardi.
Link: Concept by CapsArchitects
Contractor, Gestioni Immobiliari s.r.l.
Woodwork, Falegnameria Benintendi.
Lighting Design Assistance, IGuzzini.
Furniture, Alias e Swedese.
Safety plan, Studio Eng. Pisana.
Cadastre documentation, Maurizio Zanotta.


Plants and sections:

Project furniture:

PSC architetti was involved in the Conceptual Design, as a local Architect, for the selection of materials, fixtures and furniture, carried out law compliance checks, produced costs estimates and organised the related tender. This activity was carried out for the first two shops opening in Milano Rho and Monza. Auditum Italia subsequently appointed PSCarchitetti for the design and site assistance in relation to the opening of all the new hearing aid centres on the national territory.
In 2012 a second shops line, called Light line, was introduced. This followed the same guide lines of the original concept but was intended to require a reduced construction cost.
Since 2011 PSC architetti worked on the fit out and opening of 27 new hearing aid centres, distributed throughout the Italian national territory and in particular in Turin, Milan, Bergamo, Brescia, Gallarate, Como, Piacenza, Padua, Vicenza, Bassano del Grappa, Cittadella, Montebelluna, Mestre, Modena, Ferrara, Cento, Florence, Grosseto, Perugia, Castiglione del Lago, Terni, Rome, Roma Ostia Lido as well as many smaller centres.
Design of single-brand points of sale on the national territory for Audium Italia hearing aid and assistance centres.
The whole design process was driven by the idea of deafness being an extremely sensitive theme, particularly in relation to elder people. Hospitality became the key concept. Each point of sale was intended as a comfortable and familiar point of reference, with calm colours and natural finishes, that could almost be associated to a home environment. The idea of comfort inspired the choice of fabrics and furniture in so allowing clients and patients of these hearing points, already living a discomfort condition, to live a pleasant experience.
Within every sale point a silence room was provided. This was larger than those usually found in hearing aid centres. Even if acoustically insulated, as required in order to carry out audiometric measurements, this room provides a welcoming environment.
Each piece of furniture, selected as being comfortable and recognisable, is in a strict relationship with the technical side of the environment, as in a whole harmonic system.
The Audium Italia project can be considered a global project, covering all stages of the architectural design, re-proposed in different times and places.

S001Project DataTitle: Hearing aid health centres
Client: Audium Italia s.r.l.
Date: Running from 2011.
Location: Italy.
Dimensions: from 50 to 200 m2.