Project themes:Creation of a space dedicated to the sale of hearing aids and the study of deafness children, welcoming environment, audiometric analysis through the game.

Stages of Processing: Conceptual design, Preliminary Design and Interior Decoration.
Project team: Sebastian Corso, Emilio Boiardi.

With this project, it was decided to insert a space dedicated to children, a multifunctional place where the child can come accompanied by an assistant. The space is represented by a series of games – tools for behavioral study, which are to assess changes, reflected or volunteers of the child’s behavior in the presence of sound stimuli adapted. The design of this room, the drawings of children from their home concept and colors. The space is designed both internally and externally. The child’s home, has colors that reflect the brand’s logo. The space that goes to propose as intervention become a characteristic feature of each store dedicated. The spaces provide natural finishes, soothing colors, furnishings designed ad hoc, such as lighting. The private rooms are soundproof examination hearing, have the suitable equipment, but they are similar to medical centers.

Conceptual schemes:
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062PM02-PLAN ULTIMO  -01-01-01-01-02
062PM02-PLAN ULTIMO  -01-01-01-01-03
062 PM 05

Interior views:
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062 final- 11-03-16
062 PM 001

S003Project DataTitle: Hearing aid health centres for children
Client: Private
Date: Running from 2015.
Location: Italy.
Dimensions: from 50 to 200 m2.