Project themes: Carpets collection Roquebrune.

Project team: Alquati+Corso, Sebastian Corso, Michela Alquati,
Collaborators: Debora Colusso, Mattia Barilani.
Manufacturer, Carpet Edition.
Photo, Omar Sartor
Location, Villa alla Scala

The rugs collection Roquebrune for Carpet Edition, designed by Alquati Corso, is a collection of five masterpiece that reflects the classic design of indoor carpets, reinterpreting shapes, colors and geometries. The collection’s name comes from Roquebrune, a french seaside resort that became known during the belle époque period. Its area is the home of architectural works and personalities from the contemporary culture world, that had chosen Roquebrune as summer residence.
As the village of Roquebrune hosts in its territory Coco Chanel’s home La Pausa, Le Corbusier with his Cabanon and Eileen Gray with the emblematic E-1027 overlooking the sea, so our Roquebrune series collects 5 rugs’ design that have in common the research for unconventional forms and geometries.
The collection’s concept comes from the analysis of classical forms in the rug’s history that led to new geometries and forms designs: decomposition and recomposition of forms through the use of a unique finishing material. The colors chosen for each rug are looking for variety and sophistication of the collection, providing for each carpet the possibility of different color variations.

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F001Project DataTitle: Carpets collection Roquebrune
Client: Carpet Edition.
Date: 2017
Team: Alquati+Corso