Project themes: Architectural restoration, opening of the living area, modular spaces.

Stage of processing: Conceptual design, Preliminary Design, Final Design, Detailed Design, Fixture Design, Cost Estimates, Site Assistance, Furniture and Interior Decoration, Building Applications and Permissions, Safety Plans.
Project team: Sebastian Corso.
Contractor, Bulceag Gheorghita s.r.l.
Electrical Works, Bulceag Gheorghita s.r.l.
Hydraulic Works, Bulceag Gheorghita s.r.l.
Safety plan, Studio Eng. Pisana.
Cadastre documentation, Oscar Ranzani.
Photo, PSCarchitetti.

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Plan and floor finishes:

The theme of the project is the internal renovation for an apartment for rent, inside the INA-Casa building complex designed by Pietro Bottoni, in 1951, in Milan city.
The Harar district, developed under the Fanfani law which led to the establishment of the INA-Casa, is located in an area near the San Siro stadium which, at the time of its construction, was a peripheral zone. He saw the participation of numerous architects of the Milanese school, who worked starting from an urban plan signed by Giò Ponti, Luigi Figini and Gino Pollini.
The project consists in remodeling the spaces of the living area, obtaining a dining area inside the living room, the whole unit was affected by a total renovation.
For the materials, it is chosen to use enamel finishes for all the floors of the house.

A012Project DataTitle: Appartamento AG
Client: Private
Date: Completed October 2018
Location: MIlan
Dimensions: 55 m2