Project themes: Attention to natural and artificial light, flexibility of the working spaces in relation to needs, modularity of working spaces, fluidity of the meeting rooms and introduction of a break area and private gym.

Stage of processing: Conceptual design, Preliminary Design, Final Design, Detailed Design, Fixture Design, Lighting Design, Cost Estimates.
Project team: Sebastian Corso, Emilio Boiardi.
Collaborators: Sina Claus.


050 PM11-Presentazione 081014 -01
050 PM11-Presentazione 081014 -03
050 PM11-Presentazione 081014 -09
050 PM11-Presentazione 081014 -20

050 PM11-Presentazione 081014 -05

Interior views:
Foto final 07
Foto final 06
Foto final 03
FOTO final 02
FOTO final 01

Studio model images:
IMG_7670 copy

Assignment for interior project for the realization of working headquarter spaces. The project still under analysis, are categorized by dimensions, functions workspaces and for management areas and service. Also for this project is given importance the positioning of the common areas, meeting and leisure facilities, such as supporting elements of the entire spatial subdivision. It is always searched the concept of sociality and interaction through modulation of the spaces themselves.

O001Project DataTitle: AD New Haedquarter
Client: Private
Date: February 2014.
Location: Milan, Italy.
Dimensions: 930 m2