Project themes: Attention to natural and artificial light, flexibility of the working spaces in relation to needs, modularity of working spaces, fluidity of the meeting rooms and introduction of a break area as central element of the space, enhancement of social effectiveness of meetings and events.

Stage of processing: Conceptual design, Preliminary Design, Final Design, Detailed Design, Fixture Design, Lighting Design, Cost Estimates, Site Assistance, Furniture and Interior Decoration, Building Applications and Permissions, Safety Plans.
Project team: Sebastian Corso.
Collaborators: Emilio Boiardi.
Contractor, M.E.S.A.S. di Emilio Parolin.
Lighting Design Assistance, Manet Italia s.r.l.
Furniture, Errebian.
Safety Plan, Studio Eng. Pisana.
Foto, Emilio Boiardi.




Interior views:
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01 -01-07
01 -01-04
01-1201 -01-05
01 -01-06

Lighting Design:
044_PM09 illuminazione-01
044_ES02-10 copy

01 -01-10
01 -01-08
01 -01-09
An office space of 430 msq, was designed to be divided into different spaces destined to call centre, meeting room, managerial offices and service areas.
The design approach focused on the attention to the working space: not just a place where people work but also a space for people to socialise in a friendly environment. A flexible space, ready to host small groups for restricted meetings both for work and leisure purposes. The proposed central element within the project is a common break area, also suitable to host independent work and leisure meetings. The whole space also benefits from the predisposition of different-size areas, where the number of tables and seats vary from time to time.
Beside this area, office spaces with variable size are provided. These are destined to the company or can host external meetings. The meeting room, with its 30 seats, is located at the same distance from the two call centres.
The space has an inadequate natural lighting illumination and for this reason glass partitions, diffusing light, are used. For the same reason the meeting and the break zones are located underneath the sole zenith pointing skylight. This was introduced by working on the ceiling layout and by creating an irregular parallelepiped that lets in as much light as possible. A dedicated lighting design was carried out in order to overcome the lack of natural lighting.

O002Project DataTitle: AD Call Center
Client: Audium Italia
Date: completed April 2014.
Location: Italy.
Dimensions: 450 m2.